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The 'DARE' Program
Trouble comes when least expected.
"What happens to others need not happen to me"
is a common rationalization.
We have to prepare to protect our women against the unknown and untimely enemy in this violent & unpredictable world that we live in.
"Even Fortune favours the Prepared!"
So invest a small portion of your life to prevent a major catastrophe that can upset your entire Life.
9820496752 (Dr. Komal)

Offenses against Women in India


  • Acid Attacks on women
  • Molestation in empty train compartments
  • Outraging of Modesty in Offices
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Eve Teasing in Buses, etc
  • Sexual Assaults in Discotheques, Pubs, Public places
  • Humiliation of Women
  • Jayabala Asher was pushed out of the running train by Drug addicts in Mumbai.
  • Stalking & Following
  • Alcoholic Offenses


  • The Working women population has risen from 13% in 1987 to 25% in 2001
  • In India every 26 minutes, a woman is molested
  • In India every 34 minutes, a woman is raped.
  • In India every 42 minutes, an incident of sexual harassment takes place.
  • In India every 43 minutes, a woman is kidnapped.
  • In India every 93 minutes, a woman is killed.

What can you do to reduce your risk and improve your chances of survival?


We at the Institute of Martial Science have after research and experimentation, developed a specific survival program for the Indian woman.


We now have a defense program specially designed for ladies to deal with eve teasers, molestation, sexual assault and rape.


The ‘DARE’ program is to prepare women, both mentally and physically to face any adverse situation.


When a man attacks a man, he either wants his money or his life. When a man attacks a woman, he either wants her money, her life, or her body. The nature of the conflict is, by definition, hugely different. The defensive reactions will therefore, also have to be different.


Women between the age of 16 and 45 are most likely to be the victim of a sexual assault. Let us see what kind of offences are prevalent in India.




Every day

480 cases of crime against women are reported,

45 women are raped and

19 cases of dowry deaths occur,


Every hour

5 women face cruelty at home and

About 4 cases of molestation are reported.


Rising Incidence –

According to a Crime report, Molestation & Eve teasing in India has risen from 20,611 to 24,475 cases in 1995. Going by these statistics, it is very much possible that You may be the next victim!


The DARE program is reliant upon leverage, technique and timing “not” speed power and strength.


A poke to the eyes with the keys, A stomp on his foot with your high heeled shoe, and a elbow to the solar plexus may save your life.


Or it may simply save you from getting demoralized. And if not anything, you will at least develop self confidence and exude coolness and poise in your day to day life.




The DARE program introduces women to real life adverse situations that give you the edge in such a close quarter encounter.


The Dare Program has the following Objectives:


  1. To teach Avoidance of first Hostile Intrusion (To avoid Hostile situations)
  2. To Teach Verbal & Eye Response to Hostile Intrusion (When he comes uncomfortably close)
  3. To Teach Reaction to First Physical Contact. (When he grabs your hand)
  4. To Teach Use of Force to Counter Aggression. (When he starts using force)
  5. To Teach Defense Tactics to Sexual Assault. (When tries to tear your clothes) 
  6.  To Teach Survival & Escape Maneuvers in attempted Rape. (When he tries to penetrate)
  7. To Teach a Fitness Program for Surviving Adversity. (The Exercises to get fit in a short time)
  8. To educate about Legal perspectives in Sexual offense (The Law & what is to be done)


 Consists of



Verbal Confrontational Exercises

Practical Skill Training

Situation Enactment

Knowledge of related Laws & Procedure


A course completion document will be awarded at the end of the Course.




Course Director


Dr. Seema Rao Md, Mrsh(UK), Mba (Hrd), PhD (USA)


Fifth Degree Black Belt in Military Combat Arts.

Ex Hon. Guest Trainer Indian forces & Police.

Director UCCA- Unarmed Commando Combat Academy




Module A Detailed

Three days, 90 min sessions each day AT OUR STUDIO


Module B Short

One day 2 hours AT OUR STUDIO


Module C Residential

One day at your Residence, 3 hours

One on One training will be provided.


Module D Corporate & NGO Workshops

One day at your office/ Hall, 5 hours

Group Training for upto 20 participants.




Physiotherapist Dr Sheetal Maniar undergoes the 'DARE' program,

After the program, her comments were


"I was keen on dealing with eve teasers, as I have many late nights, and also travel plenty via local trains, many a time.

These days you never know what calamity strikes u where, in Mumbai! I was a little shy of doing this program, but I decided to be bold, go ahead and do it.

Now I am so glad that I did this DARE program.This program has changed me into a different person, I am so confident when I travel alone, I feel no fear at night, and I am not afraid of Eve teasers any more."

For Photographs of the Program
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